Where To Find The Best Doughnuts in London

If there’s one thing you know about me, it’s that I LOVE a good doughnut. Anything sweet, carby and fried gets my seal of approval. Since it’s National Doughnut Week, I thought I’d round up my top doughnuts in London. With so many to choose from, I’ve narrowed it down to my personal picks; from cult classics to upmarket options. Have a lil read below for a hole lotta love…

1. Bread Ahead

Chocolate (£2.50)


Easily my favourite doughnuts in London, it wasn’t hard to decide on the top spot. Fluffy, sweet and perfectly baked. Fillings so flavoursome, yet light and airy. It was actually quite difficult to decide on one flavour as they’re all so damn tasty… Raspberry Jam and seasonal specials are also worth a mention. The original Borough Market stall is so popular that I’ve often gone and they’ve been running low on multiple flavours. Now that they have a Soho cafe, you can get your hands on these and other dreamy pastries/cakes/brunchy type dishes.

2. Doughnut Time

Houston, We Have Biscoff (£4.50)


When this Aussie fave landed in Notting Hill, you best believe I was in the queue! 😂 Having worked around just around the corner, Doughnut Time soon became my go-to. This vegan coffee glazed ring of dreams comes topped with caramel buttercream, chocolate drizzle and a Lotus biscuit, in classic all-out DT style.

3. Duck & Waffle

Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut (£12)


Not the usual sweet choice, but this savoury doughnut is one of Duck & Waffle’s most tasty offerings. Brimming with a spicy ox cheek filling combined with tangy apricot jam and covered in smokey paprika sugar. Delicious. Don’t let the eponymous duck dish steal the spotlight, starters like this are well worth a taste.

4. Crosstown

Yuzu & Passionfruit (£3.50)


Whether you’re big on doughnuts or not, you would (or should) have heard of Crosstown. Rings are made from sourdough and more dense than the likes of Bread Ahead. This fruity babe is hand-dipped in a tangy yuzu and passionfruit glaze, then topped with a zesty yuzu crumble. Wash down with Cold Brew coffee and you’re set.

5. Krispy Kreme

Original Glazed (£1.45)


You may scoff at my inclusion of this American cult classic, but these original glazed hunnies started me on my journey of sugary love. In school, we often used to wait for the hot light to turn red, signalling that a fresh batch was on it’s way. (Fatty since day?) This also means 2 for 1 on these melt-in-your-mouth classic holes. Light, fluffy and absolutely worth the calories.

London Girl 

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