London Girl Brunches: Banh Banh

Having been born and raised in north London, there are few things that will make me go south of the river. What’s in south London that I can’t find here? World class bars: check. Award-winning restaurants: check. Phenomenal brunch spots: check. But when I heard that Banh Banh was opening another restaurant in Brixton and was invited to check out their new brunch menu, I couldn’t say no.

The brainchild of Vietnamese siblings, Banh Banh is all about classic dishes with a French influence. We secured a spot at one of the private tables and got chatting to co-founder An Nyugen. She talked us through the history of her grandmother’s dishes from Saigon and explained the signature ingredients and rich flavours that go with them.

Bloody Marys had a southeast Asian twist, while the Bánh Xèo crepe (which I had with prawns and pork) was extra crispy and designed to be eaten by hand, like you would in Vietnam. Every single dish was loaded with flavour; from the Veggie Breakfast with sizzling aubergine, fried tofu, egg, tomato and mushroom pate, to the prawn-packed Summer Rolls with a punchy sauce.

Drinks are just as important as food in my eyes, and the cocktails here were bloody impressive. The đ10,000 Man was a gorgeous blend of pisco, apricot liqueur, pistachio, lime, egg white, bitters, pandan and rose while the G+T was spot on. We substituted dessert with a Cà Phê Martini each and were far from disappointed. There’s nothing quite like Viet-style drip coffee, especially when teamed with Appleton rum.

Whether you’re a fiend for east Asian food, or just looking for your next brunch fix, Banh Banh should be on your list. The vibe is low-key, interiors are relaxed and every single thing that we tried was bursting with flavour. If that’s wasn’t enough, the thought of more cocktails would certainly get me south of the river once again.

What we ate:

  • Summer Rolls (£6)
  • Veggie Breakfast (£9.50)
  • Bánh Xèo Sizzling Crepes (£9.90)

What we drank:

  • Bloody Mais (£8)
  • The đ10,000 Man (£9)
  • Not Just a G+T (£8)
  • Cà Phê Martinis (£9)

Brunch in pictures:


You’ll find Banh Banh at3 26 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8QH.

London Girl ✖️

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