London Girl Loves: Lina Stores

If there’s one restaurant that’s been giving all the others a run for their money in the pasta stakes, it’s Lina Stores. Haven’t heard of the Soho eatery? Well you have now. Opened only months ago by the delicatessen that’s been serving Londoners since 1944, this new eatery is all about good food, great service and a lotta green.

I can’t say a bad word about Lina Stores; from start to finish, we were totally impressed. Arriving early at 6pm, we were the only people in the restaurant and got to choose seats upstairs with full view of the open kitchen. By the time we left, the place was packed and it’s not hard to see why.

Drinks? Delicious. Food? Impressive. Service? Lovely. Of course, the black truffle pasta was a standout but our favourite dish was actually the Gorgonzola; creamy cheese perfectly paired with chutney and house-made crackers. It somehow upstaged the freshly prepared pasta… who knew?

If you’re looking for your next meal out and fancy a bit of pasta, this is your place. Unlike Padella, you can actually book and while the pasta might not be quuuuuuite as amazing, the whole experience is well worth it.

What we ate:

  • Gorgonzola extra dolce DOP with pear + mustard fruit chutney (£5)
  • Spicy Calabrian ‘nduja + buffalo ricotta (£6)
  • Agnolotti verde with black truffle + ricotta (£13)
  • Burrata-filled ravioli topped with tomato, toasted pine nuts + basil (£6.50)

What we drank:

  • Italicus Sour: Maley gin, Italicus, nettle syrup, lemon, egg white (£8.50)
  • White wine (£4.50)

Brunch in pictures:


You’ll find Lina Stores at 51 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 4EH.

London Girl ✖️

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