East Asia Meets North London: Tamashii Restaurant Review

Oh, January. I feel like I’m approximately 19483 days into this month and it just won’t end. December was a glorious month filled with so much boozing, Netflix binging and a little too much spending. Take me back.

It’s been a slow start to the year, cutting back on the drinking (a little) and trying to curb my spending, so restaurants haven’t been as high on my list as usual. Luckily, Tamashii got in touch for a review and I just couldn’t say no. Boasting an Instagram filled with cocktails, tasty plates and neon lights, as well as, a north London location, it looked right up my street.

Getting stuck in with a velvety Amazake Mudslide, while Josh went for a gritty Stagger Saurus IPA, we made our way through the menu. Crispy duck and pancakes were a no-brainer, while chicken wings and shichimi chilli squid brought the heat. The beef hot pot came sizzling, and as we devoured the lot, our lovely waiter suggested we try the signature baked lobster. How could we say no?

Packed with heaps of chilli and garlic all baked together, it was a welcome departure from the usual boiled/grilled style that I’m used to. It was definitely a highlight of the meal, though it could have done with a little less salt. When it came to drinks, I couldn’t seem to find anything to match my first creamy cocktails. The Geisha Girl had a layer of oil floating on top and while signs point to sake, there was only one kind on offer.

Dessert was also a mixed bag. Sesame ice cream mochi wasn’t quite to my taste, though Josh loved it. My inner-matcha lover jumped at the chance to try an ice cream mochi of the green variety but arriving melted, it didn’t quite hit the spot. That’s not to say that the meal wasn’t lovely. Being a bartender short, our wizard of a waiter somehow managed to serve every single table while shaking up cocktails and recommending unmissable dishes.

Solid 7/10

What we ate:

  • Sticky chilli chicken wings (£6.50)
  • Shichimi chilli squid (£6.75)
  • Quarter crispy aromatic duck (£9)
  • Beef hot pot (£12.50)
  • Boiled rice (£2.50)
  • Baked lobster with chilli and garlic (£32)
  • Matcha green tea ice cream mochi (£3.50)
  • Sesame ice cream mochi (£3.50)

What we drank:

  • Amazake Mudslide: vodka, Mud City stout reduction, rice milk (£6.50)
  • Geisha Girl: gin, cherry blossom, lemon, sugar, Mt Fuji Bitters (£8)
  • Stagger Saurus IPA (£5)
  • Sake (£5)

The damage: £101 for 2 people (but all comped, thank you Tamachii!)

Dinner in pictures:


crispy aromatic duck ⬆


shichimi chilli squid + sticky wings ⬆


beef hot pot ⬆


baked lobster ⬆


sesame + matcha ice cream mochi ⬆


geisha girl ⬆

You’ll find Tamachii at 8 Caledonia Street, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DZ.

London Girl ✖️

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