A Cocktail Adventure: Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration Review

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve had a cocktail-fuelled night out. A lack of funds, shitty weather and generally not being able to handle a bottle of fizz like I could pre-NYE has meant that January has been far drier than I’d like. Luckily for me, Mr Fogg’s came to the rescue with an evening at their latest haunt Society of Exploration.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Mr Fogg’s was heaving, even for a Saturday night. Joined by the boyf, Josh, we were celebrating our anniversary in style. Here, it’s all about explorer Phileas Fogg; the brand name that Mr Fogg’s is built upon. With a menu based on a traveller’s journal, the cocktail list is split into sections like The Old Savannah + Easter Island.

Making our way through the menu, we were welcomed with two boards generously topped with cheese and charcuterie. With the head bartender whipping up all sorts of concoctions (think a rum-fuelled Rapa Nui and a white-Negroni style Native Lands), each drink was a show-stopper in both style and substance.

Standouts were the Valley of Silence which combined gin with sake, mirin and egg white for a frothy mix and the tiki-style Old Savannah. I had high hopes for the whiskey-led Below The Horizon, but with so much froth, it was literally a difficult one to take.

It’s all about the journey here so prepare to be taken on a fabulous one. From the storybook on loudspeaker in the bathrooms to the waitresses in full safari-get up, Mr Fogg’s has gone all out. Whether you’re in need of somewhere new for after-work drinks or really looking to impress, Society of Exploration should be next on your list. Now I’ve just got to check off the Residence + Maritime Club…

A boozy 8/10

What we drank:

  • Rapa Nui: Bacardi Cuatro Añejo rum, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, grapefruit, banana + lemon thyme (£12)
  • The Lagoon Reef: VII Hills gin, mint, chestnut + coconut water (£11)
  • The Old Savannah: Bacardi Carta Oro rum, Mancino Chinato vermouth, apricot + fig ketchup, cinnamon + paprika salt (£12)
  • Native Lands: Hendrick’s Orbium gin, Essentiae Pruni liqueur, Green Chartreuse + aperitif wine (£14)
  • Valley of Silence: Bombay Sapphire gin, sake, milk + vanilla mirin, lime + egg white (£12)
  • Below the Horizon: Gentleman Jack whiskey, black nougat + chrysanthemum cream + egg white (£12)

What we ate:

  • Home Counties Cheese Board: Kentish cheeses, balsamic + pear chutney + Tiptree honey (£14)
  • European Charcuterie Board: French, Spanish +Italian cured meats, served with antipasti + a sun-dried tomato pesto dip (£14)

The damage: £101 for 2 (but all comped, thank you Mr Fogg’s!)

Our night in pictures:


The Mechanical Mixologist ⬆


The Lagoon Reef + Rapa Nui ⬆


European Charcuterie Board ⬆


Home Counties Cheese Board ⬆


The Old Savannah ⬆


Native Lands ⬆
Valley of Silence ⬆

You’ll find Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration at 1A Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HH.

London Girl ✖️

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