Getting Fit With Flykick: London Gym Review

Fitness, she says? While my heart and soul may be deep in food and drinks, my body hasn’t been feeling the same lately. All these reviews are starting to catch up with me (and my belly) so it’s time for a change. A few months ago, I decided to reignite my love of working out and now it’s time to tell you all about it. First up is Flykick; my weekly kickboxing class that really packs a punch.

What is Flykick? 

Focusing on the mind, body and kickboxing, Flykick is an all-around workout designed to leave you feeling both physically and mentally fit. Starting off with a high-intensity HIIT workout, you’ll work out the lower body, upper body and core. Next, it’s onto stretching and breathing before moving onto the main event where you’ll learn a series of moves over 8 fast-paced rounds. Finally, it’s back to stretching with an uber chilled warm down.

Where is Flykick? 

You’ll find Flykick at 350 Euston Road NW1 3AX. Located between Warren Street and Great Portland Street stations, it’s just a few seconds from Fitzrovia. I schedule my classes on a Sunday afternoon so I can stroll around the West End afterwards. It’s so calming, especially with the weather heating up.

What are the facilities like? 

In terms of the workout, there’s one studio lined with bags on two sides. Usually, you don’t have to double up but there’s been a few times where I’ve had to share a bag (and my antisocial self doesn’t love that). Got plans after? No problem, because you’ll find the usual shower gel, straighteners, deodorant etc. The changing rooms can get quite cramped when it’s busy between classes but generally, they’ve got everything you need.

The damage? 

First time? You’ll want the flyer pack which costs ยฃ35 for 3 classes and includes a pair of gloves. You’ll need wraps too and those are ยฃ5. I normally go for the weekend pack which costs ยฃ36 for 3 classes that can be redeemed from Friday to Sunday. Not bad considering that’s roughly 1 meal out for me.

The best bits? 

The class itself is on point. I’ve been to a bunch of studios over the past year and this is the only one that I think is worth paying for week on week. Different instructors have different styles, but all bring a banging soundtrack and the energy needed to really push you to the max. From footwork to positioning, instructors are always checking on you… and not in that annoying way. There’s even drinks on Fridays and events through the year. If you’re looking for a new way to keep fit in London, you should check out Flykick.

London Girl โœ–๏ธ

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