Modern Fairytales + Immersive Feasting: Red Palace at the Vaults

When it comes to immersive drinking + dining experiences, London has seen it all. We’ve got prison-themed BYOB bars, murder mysteries aboard trains and even Prohibiton-style speakeasies… but now there’s a fairytale-themed pop-up and it’s taken over The Vaults.

Helmed by Shotgun Carousel, the Red Palace is the latest immersive dining experience to land at The Vaults in Waterloo. With not much of a storyline to go on, we were ushered into an unassuming space where a masquerade feast awaited.

Joined by an evil prince + a few other characters, the story started to take shape as we chowed down on starters, mains + dessert in the form of toffee apples washed down with Prosecco. Beware of the โ€œsharing styleโ€, or youโ€™ll be shafted when it comes to the good plates, as we were left with barely any meat after everyone else had got their hands on it.

Once dinner was over, the real show began. There were dancers, aerialists + a variety of rooms; each home to their own theme. Without giving too much away, think Snow White, gingerbread houses + secret forests.

I donโ€™t want to say too much as this really is a unique experience that wouldnโ€™t quite be the same if I spilled all the secrets. Now dust off your finest mask and prepare for a stunning show.

Down with the prince!

Fancy experiencing Shotgun Carousel’s Red Palace for yourself? Buy tickets here.

The verdict: 8/10

The damage: (ยฃ70pp for VIP dining, but all comped thank you to The Vaults)

On the menu: 

    • Homemade honey Irish soda bread with whipped rosemary butter, sea salt crystals + balsamic vinegar
    • Spiced lentil salad
    • Rosemary + garlic Camembert
    • Slow-cooked lamb
    • Shallot tarte tatin
    • Butternut squash bake
    • Roasted baby potatoes
    • Salted caramel toffee apples

The Red Palace in pictures:


Youโ€™ll find the Red Palace at The Vaults, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN.

London Girl โœ–๏ธ

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