The Essential DIY Food & Drink Kits

While lockdown has ruined holiday plans, hampered us seeing family and been something of a huge shit show, there’s been a few silver linings. One of those is the huge amount of at-home foodie kits allowing us to recreate some of London’s best dishes from the comfort of our own kitchens. But just because restaurants and bars are back open, doesn’t mean the at-home fun has to end. Here’s my essential DIY kits to keep you going far beyond lockdown.


Dirty Bones: The Mac Daddy Kit

As one of my favourite restaurants in London, Dirty Bones can do no wrong in my eyes. So when they were kind enough to send their signature Mac Daddy in DIY kit form, I was in junk food heaven. Teaming two patties with short rib and topped with a generous helping of mac n cheese, this is plenty for 4 people (or 2 if you’re as greedy as Josh and I). There’s also lamb fries and cocktails to pimp out your order.

Order here


Berber & Q: The BBQ Box

It’s been on my to-visit list for years and while I still haven’t made it to the restaurant, I can now say that I’ve feasted on Berber & Q’s mouthwatering nosh. I got my hands on The BBQ Box, which arrived with hummus, mezze, salad and all the ingredients to make rum-spiked salted caramel chicken, roasted cauliflower a broccoli number. Plus a bottle of Bacardi and mixers. Veggie? There’s dedicated at-home boxes for you too.

Order here


Dishoom: The Bacon Naan Roll Kit

London’s most iconic breakfast kit? This just might be it. With enough bacon, cream cheese, chili jam and naan dough (plus extra for practice… I REALLY needed it) to make 2 bacon naans, this is looking like one of the best DIY brunches out there. There’s even all the spices to make their signature chai tea.

Order here


Cheeky Burger

I’d heard great things about Cheeky Burger and when I saw that the bun slingers were offering their kits for just ยฃ25, I had to get in on the action. I tried the regular home kit and the the cheeky version which ups the ante with peanut butter, bacon and a whole load more toppings.

Order here


The Cocktail Delivery Company

It wouldn’t be a real roundup without a cocktail feature, would it? You don’t actually have to prepare anything, simply add ice, shake and serve with the cute garnishes that are provided. Doesn’t get much simpler than The Cocktail Delivery Company.

Order here


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