London Girl Loves: Rambla

It’s been a good few weeks since I wrote anything on the blog! I recently got a new job where I spend all day writing, so when the clock hits 5.30pm, the last thing I want to do is more work. But all this warm weather has got me thinking back to sunny days dining out in Soho and I thought I’d finally post a review of Rambla.

Less than a year old, the Catalan-inspired locale is a chilled out spot serving some top notch sharing plates. Perfect for hanging with mates, wining and dining with a date… or eating with your parents, like I did! My dad has a thing about meat; if there isn’t any on the plate, he doesn’t want it. So I figured that this Spanish restaurant would be ideal.

Chilled out charm in the heart of Soho.

Named after Barcelona’s most famous boulevard, Rambla boasts an open plan kitchen, with rustic accents and chilled out charm. The food is just as paired back, with simple dishes and fuss-free plates which make for the perfect sharers.


We started with these dreamy little Spinach Croquetas (£6), which sit on a bed of creamy aioli and pine nuts. Oozey inside, with a crunchy shell; even my meat-obsessed dad went for one.


The deliciously refreshing Kohlrabi and Green Apple Salad (£6.50) was topped with garrotxa cheese, spring onion and cubes of quince jam, while the Pan Con Tomate (£4.50) was a little less impressive… what can you really expect from tomato on bread?


Now, when I say these prawns are giant, I mean GIANT. We only needed one each, because they are such a feast in themselves, and a truly succulent one at that. You won’t want to skip the Scarlett Denia Prawns (£15), they are definitely worth it.


I usually don’t go for fish, but the parental unit fancied Sea Bass a la Plancha (£9) and it was surprisingly tasty. Served with Jerusalem artichoke and salsify, it’s a moreish dish. Meanwhile, Lamb Chops (£10.50) with a tangy rosemary aioli were so good we could have easily ordered another portion.


Last but certainly not least, the Braised Oxtail Canelones (£5) were cooked in a rich sauce, then topped with heaps of caramelised onions and parmesan… so rich and mouth-watering that we ordered another serving to inhale all over again!

If you’re after a top notch meal in a casual setting, look no further than Rambla. Prices are reasonable and service is friendly. While there isn’t the usual cocktail selection that I like to whet my appetite, the wine selection is all you need.

Find Rambla at 64 Dean St, London, W1D 4QG  (🚆 Leicester Square)

London Girl ✖

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